4th–7th July 2019

Dance Celebration

The preparation of the dances starts years before and the selection process for the groups accepted to the celebration happens a few months before. Dancers from all over Estonia come to Tallinn one week before the celebration to put together a show that will be performed three times.

Author: Raigo Pajula

The venue is called Kalev stadium, located Staadioni 8,  just a few kilometers from the  centre. The stadium fits only about 10,000 spectators in addition to the 8,500-10 000 dancers. The best place to see the performances is from the upper level seats.

An artistic director is chosen for each celebration who creates the theme and the story to be told with the performance. Every celebration is assigned a specific theme that is symbolic to the time we live in and to what society is coping with. The production of the Dance Celebration follows this theme and narrates a story via dancing. The theme of the 2019 celebration is “My Fatherland is My Love”.

The main choreographer is Vaike Rajaste.