The dancers for the Dance Celebration have arrived in Tallinn to begin with rehearsals

Starting from Sunday you can see more people roaming around Tallinn than usual, because of the XXVII Song and the XX Dance Celebration „My Fatherland is my Love“ which takes place on the 4. – 7. July and brings over 46 000 participants and over a hundred thousand spectators to the capital city. The first dancers have started their rehearsals on various rehearsal spaces all over town.

There are 713 groups which include 11 500 individuals rehearsing on the capital’s stadiums and rehearsal spaces. The 1020 groups of singers (over 35 000 individuals) will be arriving on Thursday. Singers, dancers and musicians will be housed in 47 of Tallinn’s and Harjumaa’s schools. On average there are 450 participants per school.

Besides the local choirs and dance groups, there are over 50 groups coming from all over the world. Choirs are coming from Estonia’s neighbouring countries and even as far as the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. The guest groups participating in the Dance Celebration are coming from Australia, Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg.